Internal Scaffolding In Kent

Internal Scaffolding

When carrying out interior work, your decorator may require scaffolding to complete the job, and Birdcage, Stairway and Mobile are just three varieties of scaffolding that your contractor may opt for.

Birdcage Scaffolds are most often used for large scale interior works such as museums and churches. Due to its wide platform, workers have more stability at height and can move around more freely, making it a preferred choice for labourers, working on roof structures, ceiling pipes and emergency systems, as this platform not only gives them more space but space for their equipment and fittings also.

Staircase Scaffolds work exactly like a staircase, allowing workers access to different floors of the building. As such, it is also a common choice of scaffold for the installation of staircases. Staircase scaffolding is also ideal for repair workers, maintenance, decorators, painters and the general public.

Mobile scaffolding is prefabricated and has built-in wheels for easy maneuverer.  This scaffold is especially popular for light maintenance work, for smaller spaces or where scaffolding is needed in multiple locations.

Mobile scaffolding is a versatile option for painters, carpenters and anyone that needs to move from one place to another whilst reducing the risk of injuries or accidents.

We have provided scaffolding solutions to a huge number of homes across the South East and have many satisfied customers who would fully recommend our services, so if you’d like some advice on what scaffolding is best for your interior project, then do GET IN TOUCH.

Steve Scaffolding have proven track record in delivering commercial and residential scaffolding solutions with our customer-focused, cost-effective service while remaining focused on health and safety.

We offer comprehensive scaffolding service, across Kent and the South East. We provide scaffolding for the public, local authority councils and commercial contractors.

Our services include scaffolding design, scaffold build and scaffold dismantling. We offer scaffolding including the services below, if you have other scaffolding requirements that are not listed below, please get in touch to discuss.


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Steve Scaffolding offers advanced scaffolders with over 20 years of experience working on scaffolding projects, large and small. We provide comprehensive scaffolding service, across Kent, for the public, local authority councils and commercial contractors. Our services include scaffolding design, scaffold erection and scaffold dismantling.

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