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Enter The Readylok Scaffolding

For many years now I have been an advocate of traditional tube and fitting scaffolding. My attitude was that if it isn't broken, then don't fix it! However, since starting my own scaffolding company in Kent I find myself looking for new and more cost-effective systems of erecting scaffolding.

Enter The Readylok Scaffolding!

Readylok scaffolding is a system of prefabricated transom units designed to connect the standards and ledgers on both the inside and outside line of scaffold together at the same time. there is no more need for several different types of scaffold fittings to connect the components together. Readylok scaffolding does it in one! Plus they are load bearing so no need for additional lacing tubes for sheeted scaffolds etc. Whilst these are not new on the market (they have been around for some time now) they are new to my company. They will make for neater, more ridged structures whilst saving on equipment. This will result in faster installation times and many, even more satisfied customers.

I look forward to using Readylok scaffolding in Kent, my locality being Sittingbourne and the Medway Towns - Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester and Strood. I only know of two large companies in Kent that uses the Readylok scaffolding system predominantly but not of any small companies that do. Perhaps I can contribute to bringing Kent scaffolding into the 21st century.


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