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We Are Now Members Of BNI

Steve Scaffolding (Kent) Ltd are now members of the Business Network International (BNI) Dickens chapter. We are a close-nit networking group that meets up every Friday morning to enjoy a lovely breakfast and discuss business. There are many chapters and each chapter only allows one member per profession. The weekly meetings are held at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel located in Walderslade Woods. We are a diverse group with members from all manor of trades and professions. The premise is to pass business around the group by way of referrals on the basis that 'Givers Gain'. Each member makes a conscious effort to listen out for business opportunities that may benefit another member; this could be a friend or family member or even someone you overhear talking in a shopping outlet that may require services that one or more of your fellow members can provide. Each week we are given the opportunity to talk about our business and state any specific contacts we'd like a warm introduction to and what our ideal referral would be. Periodically you are also given the opportunity to give a more detailed talk about your business in your own personal 10 minute presentation. All members are vetted before they can join to make sure that they are who they say they are and have the correct qualifications and insurances for their chosen profession; so if the person you are talking to is a BNI member then you know they are someone you can trust!

If anyone reading this is interested in attending a meeting then contact me at Its free to visit and breakfast is included. You've got nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain by visiting. Meetings are on Friday mornings from 06:30 - 08:30.


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