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Welcome to Steve Scaffolding (Kent) Ltd

How I Started In Scaffolding

Its been an interesting first year for us. Its been hard work at times but the results are worth it. I was new to the Medway/Sittingbourne area when I decided to start my own scaffolding supply and installation company so I had zero contacts within the local area to start trading with. I knew that it would be a challenge but was confident I was up to the task. I spent the first 4/5 months working full time for scaffolding companies I had formed strong relationships with back in London (where I'm from originally) just so I could afford to pay my bills while the company was being set up, whilst spending all my spare time getting my head around the wonderful world of internet advertising. We started off very slowly, managing to pull in 4/5 small jobs a month, all of which had to be fit in around my day job by doing them in the evenings or weekends. After months of this I was starting to wonder if things were ever going to pick up. Its fair to say that I was getting pretty fed up but I refused to quit......

It was one morning in late April that I woke up and knew that something had to change and fast! The truth as far as I could see it was that as long as I was spending 11/12 hours a day 5/6 days a week working for someone else I would never be able to pay my company the attention it deserved and desperately needed. So I did what could turn out to be a very brave or very foolhardy thing..... I quit my full time job. I could now spend ALL of my time working towards what was most important to me, the success of my scaffolding company.

Image: My first scaffolding delivery

So now I was completely on my own and fully submerged in the unknown. I had one job that was due to start the following week that would keep me busy for a few days and after that was any bodies guess. I had a young labourer who was one of my good friends son who was keen for any work I could give him so in the week that followed we went to work to get my one and only job installed.

The next month or so was a bit of a blur. I spent most of the time doing a complete overhaul on my website. I redone all of the write ups, changed the layout and started to look into my online presence. All of a sudden the phone started ringing and emails started coming through. I had enough work to keep my head above water and I was now spending most of my spare time pricing prospective work. I started getting to know some of the local builders and forging positive working relationships and continue to do so. I managed to keep a steady flow of work going right up until Christmas.

Its now the new year and the start of my second year and even though January is always a quiet month for small companies my outlook is positive. I would like to thank everyone who allowed us to provide them with our scaffolding service in Kent, Medway and Sittingbourne because without you we wouldn't be trading now.


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