Roof Scaffolding

Roof Scaffolding

Roof Scaffolding In Kent

Roof scaffolding is a common requirement for renovation projects and new builds.

A weak roof can lead to leaks and interior damage, but this is easily preventable with professionally fitted and efficient roofing. To achieve this, however, you or your roofer may require roof scaffolding, designed to the specific nature of your project and building dimensions.

Roof scaffolding may be required if you're looking to re-tile or insulate your roof, repurpose your chimney or are undergoing renovations to your home such as a loft conversion.

Some small roofing jobs may not require roof scaffolding. However, good advice is that if the project is likely to last longer than a day, involves multiple people working on the roof, or there is a chance of poor weather, that you get a roof scaffold installed before any work is to commence.

A well-designed roof scaffold can also double as a platform for storing equipment, act as a cover to prevent weather damage, and can prevent injury in the case of a trip or fall.

We ensure that our roof scaffolding is secure, with edge protection rails, safety nets and harnesses for a safe working practice. Where required, a chute can be added to the scaffold to transfer materials down to the ground safely. Not only is this less time consuming, but also safer for workers as they are not having to negotiate manually transporting materials from the roof to the ground.


Our Service

At Steve Scaffolding we provide roof scaffolding services for residential and commercial projects in Kent and the South East. With over 20 years of experience, our professional scaffolders can provide scaffolds on both residential and commercial projects.

Our team will complete a site inspection and then work with you to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. We will be able to advise you on what is necessary to provide optimum health and safety levels.

Steve Scaffolding have proven track record in delivering commercial and residential scaffolding solutions with our customer-focused, cost-effective service while remaining focused on health and safety.

We offer comprehensive scaffolding service, across Kent and the South East. We provide scaffolding for the public, local authority councils and commercial contractors.

Our services include scaffolding design, scaffold erection and scaffold dismantling. We offer scaffolding including the services below, if you have other scaffolding requirements that are not listed below, please get in touch to discuss.

  • Traditional tube and fitting scaffolds
  • Scaffolding Designs
  • Scaffolding gantries
  • Loading platforms
  • Stair towers
  • Roof scaffolding
  • Temporary roof systems
  • Scaffolding for new builds and extensions
  • Support structures including raking, flying and dead shore
  • Access scaffolding for redecoration & renovation
  • Public protection scaffolding and cladding
  • Loading bays


Start Your Scaffolding Project Today with the Scaffolding Service in Kent, You Can Rely On.


Steve Scaffolding offers advanced scaffolders with over 20 years of experience working on scaffolding projects, large and small. We provide comprehensive scaffolding service, across Kent, for the public, local authority councils and commercial contractors. Our services include scaffolding design, scaffold installation and scaffold dismantling.

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