Scaffolding Platforms

Scaffold Loading Platform

Why do you need a scaffold loading platform for your build? Maybe it's self-explanatory, but a loading platform has many different purposes.

Loading Platforms

A loading platform is used when the materials required are too heavy for the initial scaffold structure. This secure frame design holds a more substantial weight than regular scaffolding. Loading platforms are also a great way to enhance worker productivity. They also assist in maintaining and protecting the health and safety of all on your site.

Commercial Scaffolding

For commercial builds, a loading platform is even more beneficial because they allow business and public spaces to remain open as usual, preventing little if any disruption to the business. They also provide additional safety, keeping all materials and tools away from the public.

If you're looking to embark on a significant refurbishment - whether residential or commercial - and think your project requires a loading platform, do get in touch.


Steve Scaffolding

Our team have over 20 years of professional experience in the field. They are happy to discuss all elements of your construction and how scaffolding enhances the efficiency and safety of your project.

Steve Scaffolding offers a comprehensive service throughout Kent and the South East, providing scaffolding for residential and commercial builds. Our head office is in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Our Scaffolding services include scaffolding design, scaffold erection and scaffold dismantling. We offer scaffolding including the services below if you have other scaffolding requirements that are not listed below,?please get in touch to discuss.

  • Traditional tube and fitting scaffolds
  • Scaffolding Designs
  • Scaffolding gantries
  • Loading platforms
  • Stair towers
  • Roof scaffolding
  • Temporary roof systems
  • Scaffolding for new builds and extensions
  • Support structures including raking, flying and dead shore
  • Access scaffolding for redecoration & renovation
  • Public protection scaffolding and cladding
  • Loading bays

To see what other scaffolding services we provide, visit our Scaffolding Services page.

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